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Just finished up Fall Winter 2014 and wanted to share with you guys some of the products and updates with this line. You might of viewed our made in USA video and noticed that we are moving the bulk of our production here in the states. We couldn’t be more pleased with the quality of work from our  current factories and it made sense for us to move more items under their sewing needles. Some of the production highlights with our cotton dye house is that they use natural gas as its energy source and utilize ultra-low-NOx gas burners; it consumes half as much energy as an average dyehouse in the U.S. and 80 percent less than the average Asian dyehouse (measured as resources consumed per pound of fabric dyed). 

They expend half as much water as an average dyehouse in the U.S and again, 80 percent less than the average Asian dyehouse.  They also use no sulfur dyes, though these dyes are still legal in the United States, as well as low-impact finishes to avoid use of harsh or toxic chemicals. It does not use resins or formaldehydes to control shrinkage. The result: an 80% reduction in chemicals. They now use bluesign® technologies AG to screen its sources for dyestuffs and chemicals; all while they release no polluted water into the Los Angeles Basin.

Also, our USA manufacturers meet Fair Labor specifications. More info can be found here - 


We used three local designers for this line, Chad Maupin, Nate Karnes, & Joelle Storet. They knocked it out of the park with taking our ideas and making an end product. 

New Product Highlights:

T-Shirts - All made in USA

Zip Up Hoodies - This is cut and sew item and we designed it from scratch. It will have contrasting zipper and draw strings and will be a medium weight product. - Made in USA

Pullover Hoodies - Also, a cut and sew item thats made in the USA. We will be releasing two styles of these.

Mens Flannel Shirts and Jackets - These will be in a variety of colors and styles. 

Dry Bag Back Pack - This product really goes in line with two of our design philosophies - make products that are multifunctional and durable. We feel that when you buy a back pack, why not get utility out of being able to use it while in the city and on the trail?

- Mo

Fayettechill kayaker Jake Newcomb had a blast kayaking with some friends recently out on Richland Creek. While he was at it he field-tested our newest, “Mongrel,” board shorts and had great things to say about the shorts. The stormy Spring weather has made for some great flow on the rivers and some fantastic waterfalls. Now is the best time of the year to be out on any of the Ozarks’ countless rivers for a day of kayaking, canoeing, or straight floating with a cooler and a group of your friends. If you are looking for more information on how to get out on one of the Ozark rivers, please e-mail info@fayettechill.com. We’ll see you out there!

-Grant Holden

Beaver Watershed Alliance announces 2014 photography contest - Fayetteville Flyer


Fayetteville Flyer

Beaver Watershed Alliance announces 2014 photography contest
Fayetteville Flyer
The Beaver Watershed Alliance is now accepting entries for the 2014 Watershed Photography Contest, organizers announced this week. Area photographers are invited to submit photographs taken around the Beaver Lake Watershed, which includes Hobbs …

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